About the Danish Rail Regulatory Body

Last updated 12/05/2021
The Danish Rail Regulatory Body was founded as a market and competition monitor of the railway sector.


Last updated 23/10/2019
The board manages the function of regulatory body, administrative appeal body and can initiate proceedings on its own initiative.
The Danish Rail Regulatory Body and the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Agency exchange information and cooperate to ensure the competition and safety within the railway sector.

Regulation and finances

The work of the board is regulated in the rules of procedure which has been drawn up in accordance with current statutes.

The board is financed by the railway companies whom the board monitors, as specified in the fiscal budget.

The board

Last updated 09/03/2021
The Railway Board consists of a chairman and six members and a number of alternates with professional expertise in railway technology, railway safety, economics and law.

The Board members are appointed by the Minister of Business and Growth for a period of 4 years.



  • Lene Sigvardt  - Judge, Court of Naestved


Board members:


  • Per Baltzer Overgaard, Professor - Vice-Dean of Research and Talent Development, School of Business and Social Science, University of Aarhus
  • Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, Professor - Technical University of Denmark, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Jacob Schaumburg-Müller, Vice director - Danish Competition and Consumer Authority
  • Lars Peter Raahave Østerdal, Professor - Copenhagen Business School, Department of Economics
  • Birgit Liin, Professor - University of Aarhus , Department of Law
  • Henrik Sylvan, Head of Center - Technical University of Denmark, Management Engineering Expertise
  • Anne-Dorte Bruun Nielsen, Lector - University of Aarhus, Department of Law (alternate)
  • John A. Christensen, Ph.D., Professor - Department of Business Management and Economics, COHERE (alternate)
  • Claus Holm, Professor - University of Aarhus, Department of Economics (alternate)

The Secretary

Last updated 15/10/2019

The secretary assists the Board with the practical management of tasks and cases.


The secretary continuously cooperates with the chairman with preparation of cases, planning and board meetings as well as implementation of the Boards resolutions and decisions. The secretary must make sure that processing of cases is done properly and effectively.